A transformation that brings to life to keep on going beyond the expected



Plast Alacant was founded in 1997 in Alicante (Spain) as a supplier of plastic raw materials for the Spanish market. Our product range included HDPE, LDPE and PP.

2000 to 2005


As part of our strategic plan implemented between 2000 and 2005, we expanded the distribution territory, bringing together the Spanish and Portuguese markets (Iberian market).

2006 to 2009


The 2006-2009 period saw the consolidation and internal development of the logistics platforms. The warehouses on the Mediterranean coast (Valencia and Alicante) gained the official titles of “Depósito Aduanero” [Bonded Warehouse]

2010 to 2014


Between 2010 and 2014, we started exporting to neighbouring North African countries (Morocco and Algeria), as well as setting up in other European territories, having chosen Italy and the Netherlands for new logistics platforms.


A transformation that brings Atalant to life to keep and going beyond the expected.

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